Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nuts and Seeds Are Very Healthy Foods

Here is a story that shows how little the public knows about health. Recently, my wife and 3 year old son were accosted by his dance teacher who, after seeing my wife give our son his almonds and raisins snack, said that nuts are bad and he can’t nuts in class since another student has a peanut allergy. Even after my wife explained that we don’t eat peanuts, the teacher went on about all the bad things about nuts. Is America a place in the 21st century where one cannot peacefully eat healthy foods in public without being accosted?
While there have been many strides made recently in regards to veganism and healthier living reaching the masses, there seems to be an even larger number of people who follow the traditional unhealthy way of living. Our society’s unhealthy ways are obvious as soon as one ventures out into the world. Drive along any street in America and you see fast food joints, cafes, and restaurants, all peddling the same SAD (Standard American Diet) food of the animal based diet.
So, let’s place this unfounded nut fear in proper context. I think people should be much more concerned about the safety of the consumption of meat(1) than nuts. Meat is full of antibiotics, steroids, other chemicals, heavy metals, parasites and worms, is irradiated, and kills more people every year than nuts. Meat consumption leads to many of the most common western diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and so on. Do you ever hear about a meat allergy or the dangers of meat consumption? Rarely is it labeled that meat was the cause, but it happens a lot. Whenever you hear about a food borne bacteria or virus, meat production is often the cause. For instance, salmonella and e coli come mostly from the raising of livestock; their waste is what can infect plant foods. I think it’s long overdue for society to talk about the dangers if ingesting meat.
Nut allergies are quite rare(2) and are a symptom of an unhealthy state in the body. Of course, if someone has a severe nut allergy it needs to be heeded. I think seeking to correct this unhealthy state in the body by going through a series of detoxifications would be the real answer to arresting a nut allergy. Why choose to live with this unhealthy state and deprive the body of healthy nuts and seeds when we don’t have to?
After all, nuts and seeds and some of nature’s healthiest foods and provide a host of nutrition. Nuts and seeds provide antioxidants, carbohydrates, electrolytes, fats, fiber, minerals, omega fatty acids, phytonutrients, proteins, and vitamins.(3) In fact, for people following a raw, vegan diet, nuts and seeds form the basis of their intake of proteins and omega fatty acids in their diet. I think people would be much healthier when they eat more nuts and seeds and eat less animal foods like meat and dairy.
Our family relies on nuts and seeds on a daily basis to provide our nutrition needs. We feel great following our raw, vegan diet. We have excellent health, look younger, do not gain weight, maintain healthy skin and nails, have lots of energy, and so on. Sprouting nuts and seeds allows even more nutrition to be released and allows for easier digestion. Even just soaking overnight and rinsing several times will release the bitterness from the skin and hydrate the nuts and seeds. Our son thrives on our raw, vegan lifestyle. He loves eating almonds and raisins, hemp seeds, fruit, vegetables, sea vegetables, and green smoothies.

Eating Meat Kills More People Than Previously Thought: (1)
Have American Gone Nuts Over Nut Allergies?: (2),8599,1869095,00.html
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zolar said...

Totally agree.. Nuts and seed are good food for your health

katrina said...

Hi Roland and Naoko,

I suffer fm H.Blood Pressure, hereditory, and put on daily pills for the past 5yrs. Scary eh, my late mum died of acute kidney failure due to years suffering fm h/b pressure.

Noticed changes in my bowel movement, dry and at times constipated. Bananas/veges/corn etc did not completely improve my situation until (for the last 3weeks) I started taking nuts everyday! It seems to work for me, am still monitoring its effect.

Always following yr blogs for tips on natural food,

Cheers and have a good day.

obat pembesar said...

good post about

Nuts and Seeds Are Very Healthy Foods

Cara Membesarkan said...

your postingan is very good about Nuts and Seeds Are Very Healthy Foods

Aqiyl Henry said...

I am a vegan and almonds and walnuts are a major part of my diet. We have been conditioned as a society to eat junk, and junk makers help to push information out there that will try to discredit eating healthy. Plus many people are sheep and just follow. Continue the good work.

johndaddy said...

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