Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review of Sun Chlorella Products

The supplement company, Sun Chlorella USA (, recently sent us some samples to try. They sent us Sun Chlorella A Tablets, Sun Chlorella Granules, Sun Chlorella Cream, Sun Eleuthero Tablets, and Sun Eleuthero Tea. Also included were three useful Sun Chlorella USA Smoothie recipes and Sun Chlorella USA Product Catalog, which also describes their other products that we did not review, including Chlorella Wakasa (a liquid concentrate from the nutrient rich nucleus of chlorella), Sunergize (a drink blend of chlorella and eleuthero extract), and Pet Sun Chlorella.

The Sun Chlorella Tablets came in 200 mg and 500 mg sizes. They looked and tasted like other chlorella tablets I have tried before. Here is what Sun Chlorella’s letter to me says about chlorella. “Sun Chlorella is a natural whole food supplement derived from Chlorella pyrenoidosa, a nutritionally superior species of freshwater, single celled, green algae. Sun Chlorella provides vital nutrients that your body needs such as potassium, all of the B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, iron, 18 amino acids, beta carotene, and lutein. Sun Chlorella is also rich in Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), which gives your body a revitalizing boost. CGF is the key to chlorella’s remarkable ability to rapidly reproduce itself during regrowth, and can help speed up your body’s own revitalization process. Sun Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll. Chlorella contains the highest percentage of natural chlorophyll, nature’s most powerful purifying agent, of any plant source, containing as much as 7%.” As you can read, consuming chlorella promises to provide many benefits to our bodies. What are the real benefits of consuming chlorella?

In addition to promoting the benefits of chlorella, Sun Chlorella promotes its products as special from all others. Sun Chlorella’s product catalog states that, “Perhaps the most significant thing that distinguishes our product from any other chlorella on the market is the unique manner in which it is made. …we use the Dyno Mill machine to pulverize the cell wall of the chlorella plant in a manner that is safe, complete, and doesn’t in any way compromise its nutritional value. Once this wall is pulverized, your body is able to quickly gain access to and digest the many nutrients of this ancient plant. Because of our manufacturing process and our exclusive use of the Dyno Mill machine, more than 80% of the chlorella in our Sun Chlorella products is absorbed. No other brand in the world can make this claim.” Is this all marketing hype or is there truth in these claims?

Starting with the supposed health benefits, I believe that consuming chlorella is beneficial since its benefits have been well documented for many years. Also, I have been consuming chlorella for over a year and have found it actually beneficial and quite tasty. The health benefits are a little hard to tell since one does not see it directly. However, chlorella does seem to add to my health and not detract from it. My health is very good thanks to my mostly vegan, raw food lifestyle, and chlorella is a nice addition to my lifestyle. I don’t feel any adverse effects to consuming chlorella except perhaps a little dehydration if I consume too many tablets at once. Since they are dry, on should drink a lot of water with the tablets. I have noticed that chlorella does warm my body, which can be nice, especially in the winter time.

Regarding Sun Chlorella’s claim that its Dyno Mill process to pulverize the cell wall is unique and that 80% of chlorella’s nutrients are absorbed I think demands more research. I have heard a very similar claim by the distributor, Ultimate Superfoods, of their brand of chlorella who I think uses a different process to break the cell wall.

I tried both Sun Chlorella’s tablets and granules and having two forms of chlorella is nice. The tablets can be chewed on or swallowed. The granules can be easily mixed in any liquid. I even poured the granules onto my palm and just licked it up and found this easy to do. Would I switch to using Sun Chlorella’s tablets or granules? Probably not, since I currently use Ultimate Superfoods brand which is very good either in tablet or powder form, and it has not added ingredients, just chlorella. Sun Chlorella’s tablets and granules, beside chlorella, also contains soy lecithin that was genetically engineered. I am wary of consuming soy lecithin for the following reasons. The source is unknown, one can never be too sure about the level of GMO contamination in soybeans, and soy lecithin is certainly not a raw food. Another reason I prefer Ultimate Superfoods chlorella over Sun Chlorella brand is that Sun Chlorella’s chlorella is from Japan, and Ultimate Superfoods chlorella is from Taiwan. Japan just had a major radiation leak from the Fukushima nuclear power plant and the food safety needs to be thoroughly checked before I would consider eating any food from there.

The Sun Eleuthero Tablets contain Eleuthero Root, microcrystalline cellulose, pullulan, canola oil, soy polysaccharide, and glycerin. I would not consume this either since it has five ingredients that are all processed and not health promoting. Canola oil I have heard contains GMO and is one of the worst oils to consume. Sun Eleuthero is also manufactured in Japan.

I am open to trying the Eleuthero Tea since this would just be the eleuthero root I assume; no ingredients were given for the tea.

I definitely would never try the Sun Chlorella Cream since it has a long laundry list of processed, synthetic ingredients and a few natural ingredients, none of which are organic.

Sun Chlorella USA:
Ultimate Superfoods:
Ultimate Superfoods Chlorella powder and tablets:

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What Is Chlorella said...

The benefits of chlorella seem to be very wide spread when it comes to helping the body prevent disease. It keeps all the functions running smoothly by giving the body the nutrients it needs so each individually can do it's job and help all the others do theirs. Thanks a lot.

Dann white said...

Sun Chlorella is a priceless. Thanks for sharing such info about Sun Chlorella.

Anonymous said...

You are incorrect. Sun Chlorella is grown in Taiwan, not Japan. So states their newsletter.

Daniel said...

Nice post! Thanks for writing down list of Sun Chlorella . This superfood is very useful in building good health.

Roland Oehme said...

Hi Anonymous, At the time I wrote the article Sun Chlorella stated made in Japan on the products that were sent to me for review. Obviously, this might have changed since I wrote the article, especially in light of the tsunami that hit Japan. Thank you for your comment! Roland Oehme

Robin Williams said...

Good review and informative post about sun chlorella benefits review.The sun chlorellais benificial for the health and I feel its benefits is well documented for many years.I read your review and get some useful information about sun chlorella... see more at

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