Saturday, February 26, 2011

11 Ways Organic, Raw Foods Will Save Your Life

I have compiled a list of reasons of how I think switching to a predominantly organic, raw, vegan food diet will save your life. If you are eating a standard American or western diet that concentrates on animal foods, starches, refined sugars, high sodium, and highly processed foods, then you are heading for an early exit from this world. All current science confirms this view. If, however, you were to start eating plant foods that actually bring true health, then you will turn your health around and start living a happy healthy life that will help you and the planet. Everyone will notice the new, vibrant you and the universe will open up for you with compassion and new possibilities. And the amazing thing is that everyone can do this. All you have to do is simply decide that you truly want to live healthy.

So here is my list that I hope will inspire all of you to live healthier. Every day simply add one healthy thing or idea to your life. The bad stuff will simply fall away without you noticing it.

1) You will become truly healthier: Science has proven that eating animal foods, including meat, dairy, and eggs, causes most, if not all of modern society’s diseases. By switching to a diet with mostly plant foods, you will create a healthy, glowing body.

2) You will look younger: After you have been eating a predominant organic, raw, vegan diet for some time, your true beauty will come back. Everyone will be telling you that you look much younger than your age, and you will delight in your newfound beauty!

3) You will live longer: Eating a mostly organic, raw plant foods diet will allow you to live longer since you are giving your body proper nutrition and less stress than on the standard diet.

4) You will save the environment: The environment suffers greatly from humankind’s preference for animal foods. Industrial agriculture is primarily damaging the planet through air pollution (cattle emit a huge amount of methane gas, which is around 20 times stronger than CO2 in heating the planet, and much sediment gets released into the air from the large cattle feedlots), water pollution and waste (raising animals for food creates much water pollution from the immense amount of waste created and uses the most amount of water of anything humans do), and the native wildlife and plants habitats are being destroyed as we use more land for farm animals.

5) You will protect wildlife: Our native wildlife is being pushed to the edge of extinction as they lose habitat and we pollute our waterways and land areas. Industrial agriculture uses a lot of land to raise the billions of animals raised for food, and even encroaches on wilderness areas. Cattle are allowed to graze on much wilderness areas, especially in the western US, thereby harming much of the native wildlife such as prairie dogs, some of which are endangered, and bison. Prairie Dogs are often killed by ranchers or their burrows are plowed under by farmers for cropland. Furthermore, we would need much less land for crops to feed people than to feed animals raised for food. This means more habitat would be available for wildlife.

6) You will create more small family farms: Conventional produce and animals raised for food are the work of large agribusiness. Organic produce is primarily grown by smaller family farms that care for the quality of their crops and take better care of the soil and land.

7) You will save money on medical expenses: Since you are living healthier, you won’t get sick with the preventable diseases, and you won’t need to spend so much money on medical expenses. Doesn’t it make sense to place more value on living healthier than simply treating disease later with ineffective drugs?

8) You will live in harmony with the universe: There are almost 100 million cattle in the US and about 100,000 cattle are killed every single day. This is a huge amount of destruction that we are causing in the world. You will sleep easier at night knowing that you creating peace in the world by abstaining from animal foods which causes much animal suffering. Can you imagine the beauty of feeling the beauty of this world emanate through your body and soul?

9) You will live a life of abundance and wealth: The fog of never ending consumption will be lifted as you release yourself from the trap of the rat race, consumerist society and embrace the feeling of love and freedom. Yes, eating more raw foods opens up our consciousness that is hidden by the druglike effect of cooked food, hiding our true selves.

10) You will attract other healthy and friendly people: Your new feeling of love and compassion will be felt by other likeminded people who will be attracted to you, thereby opening many new doors of possibilities.

11) You will create more food for everyone: Eating plant foods creates more food for everyone. Currently, most of the crops grown in the US are fed to animals to be raised for food. Have you heard that it takes about ten pounds of grain to create one pound of beef? Think about how we could be feeding many more people with that ten pounds of grain than the one pound of beef.

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